Mirabilia’s April in Venice #2: Spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro

The zecchini (ancient venetian pure gold coin) tree in an antique seventeenth century chemist’s in the heart of Venice, perfectly preserved.

The Zecchini's tree


The Spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro shows and sales Mirabilia’s Tondi: exquisite fabric medallions fashioned from Luigi Bevilacqua‘s precious velvets, damasks and lampases .




The Spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro is today a flagship outlet for The Merchant of Venice perfumes, a range that embraces a large and exclusive line of Eaux de Parfum and Eaux de Toilette, harking back to and enhancing a tradition which saw Venice become one of the main perfumery centres of the world.




Spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro, Santa Fosca, Cannaregio 2233, 30121 Venezia.


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Mirabilia’s April in Venice: Ottica Urbani

In Venice you can see and purchase Mirabilia Venezia creations at Ottica Urbani shop, off San Marco Square. A supporter of Mirabilia’s project.

Ottica Urbani window for Mirabilia

From the display windows of its San Marco shop, Ottica Urbani shows our cases and covers made from Fortuny‘s fabrics and the Luigi Bevilacqua Venice textile mill’s velvets, lampases and damasks.

Ottica Urbani: a historic Venetian spectacle design and production brand, displays its unique creativity to the world at large. Innovative designs, a sartorial attention to detail, and the use of heterogeneous materials make each pair of glasses unique, fine-tuned to the wearer’s personality.

Ottica Urbani, Frezzeria, San Marco 1280, 30124 Venezia.

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